August 28, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA


So, as Kelli mentioned in her latest post, we've been a little MIA due to these sweet little babies ... but it's been so great to embrace these tiny babes & spend as much time with them as possible. Stella & I are at a place where we've developed somewhat of a routine, so it's been nice to get back to work ... & blogging!

Last week, Stella & I had the pleasure of traveling to Nashville to be apart of a project my husband & several other friends are working on. I can't wait till it's out & available ... I'll be sure to share all about it soon enough. Nashville is a 2nd home to us because we still have such wonderful friends there that we miss so much. It was great to visit a few & I can't wait to go back & catch up with more of them! Stella was a traveling pro by the time the weekend was over. She is such a happy, sweet baby always ... SO incredibly blessed because Mr. Noah wasn't as easy. Or ... maybe it's that I didn't know what I was doing w/ Noah?! Yeah, probably so. Noah was actually amazing considering the fact, haha. He still loves me, though. ;)

Well, as Kelli mentioned, we are busy working out details on a new project ... it's a GREAT one & we look forward to sharing it soon. In the meantime, happy new school year ... & praying your week is a blessed one. Now ... here's some of my favorite faces from the week! x

p.s. HUGE thank you to thorn + sparrow for my NEW lovely Butterfly Sparks Creative logo. That was definitely a highlight for me this month! She's a true talent & I'm extremely thankful for her beautiful work on my logo + our beautiful Kelli + Vanessa logo! Yeah, she's the best. x

August 27, 2012

So much to love.

First of all...sorry for the lack of posts lately. Taking care of a newborn and adjusting to motherhood- no big deal, right?!?! However, the late nights have stirred new ideas and Vanessa and I have a GREAT ONE! More to come on our new project soon....

My little Ezra is 7 weeks old already....can't believe how fast this time has flown by....and I can't believe how much he has grown! All you moms are right....this newborn stage is so sweet, yet so very short. I'm really trying to soak this season in......limiting my time on the computer and more time holding my baby....looking into his eyes and telling him how much I love him. I don't think we can hear the words I LOVE YOU enough.

My heart explodes multiple times a week. I have learned so much about myself...and about I have mothered this sweet boy over the last few weeks. It's amazing how the late nights are all made better by a sweet smile greeting me in the morning.

Speaking of ..... the mornings are my absolute favorite. Not only is it a NEW DAY....A FRESH START, but another opportunity to do things better than the day before. And boy do I need do-overs!! Sometimes I feel like I know what I am doing....I've got this....and then there are days where I wonder where to begin. We are getting to know each other each day and I love that Ezra starts his day off with a smile...and sometimes a laugh! I love it!

I am so thankful for Ezra's unconditional love. Regardless of how I mess up or misinterpret his cry...he loves me. He wants his momma. He feels safe. He greets me with a smile......oh the lessons he is teaching me.

Ezra, I love you so much sweet boy. You have my heart.....completely.

August 8, 2012

Instagram Weekly

Here's a glimpse into what my life has been like lately....with baby!

Naps with mom and dad, sweet presents arriving on the door step, photographing funny faces and watching our babe sleep!

Im so in love....

August 3, 2012

Baby Ezra

HELLO friends!

I can't believe my sweet baby Ezra is ONE MONTH old today! Geez, the time really does pass by so quickly. I've taken the month off to adjust to this new lifestyle....and just spend quality time with my boy.

For those that really know me....know that I love social media and in particular- Instagram! I heard from a few friends that they were surprised that I wasn't blowing up my account with hospital, birth, baby I guess I surprised myself too, but honestly.....I was in the moment. It was all about my family.....sharing a teeny tiny hospital bed with Reed and both of us just staring at Ezra all night long. Discussions about how we are now parents.....and dreaming about life with our new little one.

I want to savor these moments....I know the time passes quickly and I want to be intentional about balancing my time and attention.

///  Below are a few photos from the hospital- Ezra is just 24 hours old  ///

Well, I've been a momma for ONE MONTH! It's been hard work....yes, there have been tears [late in the night] , but more days filled with joy and thankfulness. There is nothing sweeter than being Ezras momma [and Reeds wife, of course].....and I look forward to documenting this journey.

My Weekly Maternity Photo Series has come to an end....and I posted the final image on my photography blog. Feel free to check out the entire series here! [to see the series in order- continue to click to last page and then look from there]

Enjoy the weekend!