July 30, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

It's been a little quiet here on the blog ... hmm, let's see, I guess newborn babies DO keep you pretty busy. ;) Kelli & baby Ezra are doing GREAT and I'm sure she'll be posting all her fabulous pics of the little man soon.

This past week was an abnormal one. The husband was out of town all week, so my AMAZING mom & mother-in-law helped me out ... which I am SO incredibly grateful for. I always have a new found respect for single parents when I'm left alone w/ my littles. It goes without saying it's HARD WORK ... 24/7! It's all worth it, though ... love these babies to pieces. xo

July 14, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

News from the week : Stella Love is near 14 pounds & Noah would like me to tell you he's almost 47 pounds. ;) Mark's parents were in town last weekend from Colorado ... we always enjoy visiting with them! Spiderman is the "thing" this week [I have Gap Kids to thank for that] & I got a huge order in from Stella & Dot. Drool ... ! More on that soon.


July 9, 2012


EXCITING baby news ... Kelli & Reed became parents on July 6th! Baby Ezra Reed Trontel made his debut at 9:32am last Friday. Precious boy weighed 8.9 pounds, 21.4 inches & has a full head of hair!

It wasn't but a couple of months ago that Kelli was announcing the arrival of Stella & now she's a mama herself! SO excited & proud of her!!! We all know more amazing photos of baby await us, so until then, let's congratulate the Trontel's & welcome EZRA REED!

July 5, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

With two littles to care for, there are days that going out on the town sounds too exhausting [especially in this TX heat!]. So, instead we hang at home & get creative. This week we enjoyed making a hopscotch indoors, going next door to the lot their building a home & swiping left over pvc pipes to make tunnels for hot wheels & watching free movies from the library! We did make a trip to Costco - hello, love that place! - & a trip to the firework stand [a highlight for Noah!]. 

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend ... I'm looking forward to spending time w/ my in-laws who are coming into town from Colorado!

When will baby Trontel make his debut?! TODAY is his due date ... we shall see! Can't wait!!!! xo

July 4, 2012

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

HAPPY 4th of JULY, friends!

 Below is a very special collaboration for Vanessa and I....and it just so happens to be an Independence Day inspired shoot that we did in Nashville, Tennessee.

We were honored to have this [our very first photography + styled] featured on Creature Comforts and A Beautiful Mess, but it's also a project that really sparked our desire to collaborate more....and since July 2010 we have done just that!

Be safe! Enjoy your family and friends!

kelli & vanessa

July 3, 2012

It's the little things.

Today, I took my buddy to grab some kid friendly fireworks. Noah was sooooo crazy excited about purchasing fireworks, the nice man behind the booth gave Noah a "tour". I love how spontaneous adventures can turn into a sweet memory!

I cherish my time w/ this boy of mine. He teaches me to greet each day with a smile & makes me aware that the "little" memories can turn out to be the best ones.

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July, sweet friends! xo

July 2, 2012

Firecracker Baby...

It's officially JULY! It's not only my birthday month.....but will also be BABY BOY's birthday month! Just not sure of the date just yet.....it's a waiting game. Any votes?

My mom is in town and we've been putting finishing touches on the nursery and running a few last minute errands. Since she doesn't live in town....I saved a few things to do with her, although she thinks I'm "having this baby by the seat of my pants!" HA! No, mom....I intentionally wanted you to feel part of this season with me :)

My feet are officially swelling throughout the day....I've retired all shoes....and only go for my flip flops everyday. Hey, it's one less choice to make each day! I'm OK with this!

Last night I was constantly wondering when this little guy will make his debut. My personality is definitely more of a spontaneous one, but it's been hard to be in such a season of unknown. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.....before my feet hit the ground....I wonder if my water will break when I stand up! CRAZY!


Talk about a season of TRUSTING......I know that God is in control and He knows the exact day and time that our little guy will enter into this world. I just have to remind myself to keep calm and focus on what's true....and most importantly,  immediately cancel out any and all fear.

To keep within the spirit of this upcoming 4th of July holiday....and my due date week....here's to my little FIRECRACKER! See you soon, little man.

p.s yes, your dad bought this gargantuan thing I'm holding in this photo. He's ready to welcome you to our world!

**My adorable scarf is by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess // Red Velvet Art.