October 22, 2012


While I work today, I have a special little helper keeping me company. LOVE her!

October 18, 2012


Well, Vanessa painted pumpkins with Noah this week...& I just finished up a painted pumpkin project for Fall decor for my coffee shop, the Red Caboose!

I plan on taking photos of the adorable set up above the fireplace tomorrow, but for now....here's a behind the scenes from my iPhone!

October 16, 2012


I am soooo excited to see Stella's hair growing ... it literally changes a little each day. After her bath last night, we noticed it starting to curl up ... eeeek, SO adorable!

Well you know what? Funny thing is ... MY hair doesn't seem to want to stick around. Clumps fall out every single day. And I'm not talking about a few hairs here & there, no, it's more like a sink so full can't believe your eyes kinda falling out. Lets put it this way, I'm surprised I still have hair on my head!!!! I have to apologize to my children for having hair on all their stuff ... so annoying & gross.

Surely they make pills to put an end to this. Desperate times ... !

October 15, 2012


What would I buy with a $25 gift card to Baby Gap?

......Cute striped pants & fun jammie's, of course!

We don't have a Baby Gap here, which is probably a good thing. I just love that shop!!

What are your favorite Go To baby shops?


I can't believe my baby boy fits into a pair of overalls!!

I'm not the type to dress my baby up like a bigger kid....I've always loved seeing babies dressed as babies. You know, onesies and little outfits with feet! So cute.

Well, I bought these overalls while Vanessa was here in Montana last winter....& when I spotted them in Ezras closet- I couldn't believe we were already wearing 3 month clothes! Yes, he's 3 months, but still.....I'm already having a hard time boxing up the newborn clothes!

Well, here's my baby....looking like a big boy...in overalls.

October 12, 2012

Who color blocks their pumpkins?

My son.

Not stripes, no dots, not even his name ... just blobs of solid color. I secretly think he just wanted to use as much of mom's paint as he possibly could. Oh well, he loved the finish look ... so I love them too. ;)

We're heading to the Dallas Arboretum this week, so more pumpkin photos on the blog are a sure thing!

Happy fall y'all! xo

Happy feet + toes ... !

My sweet baby girl is full of pure JOY every single morning ... it flows from her head to those tiny precious happy toes. xo