June 29, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

Noah is ALL about the Avengers these days. And no, he hasn't seen the movie or even a cartoon! Crazy. Well, Mark picked up Hulk for him while he was in Nashville this week & Noah is pretty stoked about it to say the least. All I hear is HULK SMASH MORE. :)

Stella is getting heavy these days & I love it! My arms are getting the best workout ... thank you very much little lady. ;) The rolls on her legs are to die for. Of course, I'm always shooting photos of her w/ my phone & this week brother has decided to photo bomb about half of them. So ... I had to include one of the bombs in my weekly wrap up. Boys. I love them!

June 28, 2012

instagram weekly // KELLI

I love this INSTAGRAM WEEKLY series! It's fun to document the little moments that happen throughout the week.....and to be able to look back and remember the conversations and memories made at that very moment.

This past week consisted of many date days/nights with Reed as we prepare to welcome our little guy in just a few days! I was on a hunt for two vintage wire baskets so I spent some time at a fun little antique shop....and once again, there was Farmers Market! I love the summertime....and it's finally beginning to feel it here in Montana!

June 27, 2012

7 weeks of goodness.

It's hard to believe my little Stella Love is 7 weeks old already. WOW! She's up to 11 lbs, 7 oz ... um, the sister LOVES to eat! Her legs rolls are just as yummy as you'd think they'd be. I need to document those stat. She's perfect. We LOVE her & just can't get enough of the cute little personality that's starting to show. Not to mention, she lights UP when Noah is around. Without saying a word, her huge smile is enough to know that she adores her big brother.

I'm learning to really relish each week because I know it goes by so very fast. Seriously, it seems like yesterday that I was swaddling Noah & changing his size 2 diapers. Sniff, sniff. Here's the little miss getting a check up at the doctor's office this week. She's getting use to the camera ... YES! More to come, then. ;)

June 25, 2012

Holy Emotions!

This past weekend was the very last weekend of Reed and I being.....well, Reed and I as:

A family of two.

A couple.....without children.

Our little guy could technically arrive at any point, but this week my mom comes to town and will be here till he arrives.....I'm super excited to have her in town, which will be great! However, just the thought of Reed and I in our house....alone....without worrying about a little one.....got me all teary eyed.

I know what we are trading this life for is for the better. I love how one friend recently put it...."I never knew I was missing something in life until I held my baby in my arms." Awww, so sweet! Can't wait to feel this!

I really haven't been emotional during this pregnancy of mine, but all of a sudden....last week I had a laugh attack, which met me with tears.....I was full on laughing and crying all at the same time. The tears weren't from laughing either- these emotions were separate and kept bouncing back and fourth between eachother. I was a mess!!!

This weekend was a sweet one. We were very intentional about what we were doing.....and just being in the moment. We went to dinner at one restaurant then grabbed dessert at a completely different restaurant! So fun. So spontaneous! We went to the lake twice....and just laid in the sun. We watched a few movies late night- in bed. Made brownies. And....began to pack the hospital bag!

I love how excited Reed is to meet our little guy. I definitely had a harder time with this- this weekend then he did. I just love Reed so much.....and I can't imagine sharing him...or dividing my time....and a big part of this is probably due to how busy we are with our shop [and the demands we have there] and just the real reality that I have of life being short. How does a new family member come in to play? How can I love someone else as much as I love Reed? These are just the thoughts that cross my mind.....on top of desiring to be the BEST mom I can be to our little one on the way.......

Well, another segment of MOM MUSINGS. If you have anything to contribute to our conversations....please feel free to leave us comments! Vanessa and I really want this to be a forum where we can all encourage and learn from eachother.

Thanks for all the encouragement this week.....XOXO, kelli

June 21, 2012

My Current Challenge.

Since our beautiful little Stella Love has arrived, life in our household has never been the same. The change is AMAZING ... adjusting to the change has been a challenge [for me, at least]. I LOVE this little girl. Eating her little arm & leg rolls is what I live for. And to top it off, she's beginning to smile & coo at us! Nothing more amazing than to have a precious little babe smile at you for the first time. M E L T.

Well, prior to Stella's arrival, we were constantly being told how having two kids is a hard adjustment ... even more so than having three. Really? That's what I was thinking at the time. Could it really feel like that much of a change?

Answer : YES.

Two is indeed a huge change. And maybe I see it as "huge" because this time around I'm a full-time stay at home mama, who's nursing a newborn & in between the 3 hour feedings, entertaining a four year old. Just when I finish feeding her & getting her to nap [all which takes me about 1.5 hrs sometimes 2], a CUTE little boy looks up at me asking if I'm ready to play tackle. Yup, as in he wants to tackle me on the floor. HA - BOYS!

My answer : YES.

Yes, Noah, I will play tackle with you. I am dead tired because I don't sleep at night, but sure I'll play tackle because I love you. We also do more non-aggressive things like play card games, read books, play outside, legos, talk about life, sing silly songs, etc. I ENJOY our time & am so glad we get to spend every day together. He's adjusted so incredibly well w/ Stella here & also w/ my need to tend to her. There are those rare days where he's the brunt of my frustrations, but I am SO thankful he loves me despite those moments. He's the BEST.

So, yeah, life is different but a good different. My challenge is this - finding balance. How in the world do I manage my time so I can get everything done?

I love to know what's happening & when ... you know, one of those annoying planners. ;) I realize I may not fully figure out how to juggle all my responsibilities right now, but finding a balance is worth searching for because that's what I crave. However, at the end of each day, I rest knowing that my "job" of loving on my kids & making sure all their needs are met is the *most* rewarding job I will ever have. Loosing sleep [& sometimes my mind] is completely worth it. Now, what keeps me sane is my awesome husband ... he let's me go anywhere or do anything I need to when I need to. Even just walking away & taking a shower can be just the amount of quiet I need. Mark is AWESOME & I am BLESSED to walk this journey alongside him.

I know over time it will get better, but as of now, I'm trying to look at the bigger picture. Looking outside of my tired self to truly cherish these moments while they're still little. I am honestly in SHOCK at how quickly Noah is growing up ... the face is filling out, his little body is starting to feel thicker ... I can't handle it! So for now, I will relish these crazy long days we have together & get over the fact that I sometimes stay in my PJ's all day & have no time to myself because time with them is worth everything to me.


June 20, 2012

Out Of Control.

First of all, I loved all the responses we received from last weeks first edition of MOM MUSINGS! Thank you for the encouraging words [via blog comments and on Facebook]....and for just being part of this blog. Vanessa and I really do desire for this place to be a community for women to learn from and encourage eachother as we all walk out MOTHERHOOD!

Well, tomorrow will be WEEK 38 for this pregnancy of mine. I can not believe how fast this time has flown by....and more than that, how amazing the experience has been for me. Such a blessing! I know this. Believe me. And.....NEVER did I think that I would have a MORNING-SICKNESS-FREE pregnancy.....considering if I doubled up on my birth control pill I would be throwing up within hours! Again, such a blessing!

I'm a pretty go-with-the-flow kinda girl, but it's blowing my mind that NO ONE knows when this baby will decide to join our world. Yes, we have "due dates" but we all know it's more like a "due month!" My husband Reed is having more of a hard time with this than I am.....he's the planner.....and just wants a little more heads up...other than "Hey babe, my water just broke!" HA!

We are entering into a whole new season of life....lots of unknowns and feelings of being out of control. What a huge responsibility we have to care for and raise up this little life that will be joining our family soon.

My middle of the night bathroom breaks have met me with deeper thoughts.....and then I find myself walking down the stairs to grab another glass of water ice....to just clear my mind. I'm anxious to see what our son looks like....I wonder if tomorrow will be the day he decides to make his appearance, I go through my long list of "things to do" in my mind.....I basically think myself back to sleep!

It's amazing how we can feel in control, yet so out of control all at the same time. I know this is part of life.....and will continue to be this way as we welcome the new guy and grow our little family. I'm ready for the change.....we are beyond excited to be a family of 3.

Until then.....we wait, we pray, we prepare as much as we can.....but ultimately we trust. We trust that God will give us what we need....when we need it....as He always does. This pregnancy was no exception- the time was perfect....and so we embrace this gift.

Below is an ultra-sound photo from our 18 week appointment. This is the only image we have of him, since he was covering his face at the last photoshoot! We didn't do any of the 3D-4D-SUPER ZOOM ultra sounds.....so we look at this image and let our imaginations run wild.....

See you soon, little man!

June 19, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

If I'm being honest, most days I'm not sure what day it actually is! Tuesday? Wednesday? All the same to me! Why? One word - NEWBORN. I don't go by days, I go by hours. Every 3 hours to be exact. That's how often she eats & it's ALL me. That precious little face you see eats & eats good. :) This week I spotted little arm rolls & that made me happy. Happy to see the fruits of my labor, ha! It's hard work & takes some serious dedication but soooo worth it! 

My little man & I had a date night this week & turns out I'm a fun date. Spiderman has been all the rage ... I'm constantly getting webbed. BOYS! 

*image source: by Vanessa Warren // iphone // processed with instagram & VSCO app

June 18, 2012

instagram weekly // KELLI

Vanessa kicked off our Instagram Weekly feature last week and I loved it! This will be a new weekly series for us. We [obviously] love photography and documenting our life....so it just made perfect sense!

My week consisted of Vintage Whites Market, Whitefish Farmers Market, Fathers Day and my weekly maternity photo series!

*image source: by Kelli Trontel // iphone // processed with instagram

June 16, 2012

N + S

I finally discovered initial bracelets that I'm in love with AND that don't fall apart. These beauties are made by Alex and Ani & sold at Nordstrom. Perfect for layering & goes w/ anything. I wear them almost everyday & get so many compliments ... plus, I enjoy sharing what they stand for. ;)


June 15, 2012

Feather Love

I love feathers....I found this super cute barrette that had strands of leather, beads and feathers from Target a few weeks ago. It's amazing how an accessory can take any everyday look up a notch! Being 36 weeks pregnant....I'm all about a pop of pizazz!

OUTFIT DETAILS:: sweater: Anthropologie // tank top: MOMMA by H&M // necklace: gifted

June 14, 2012


Oh, Stella ... I could kiss those precious toes for daaaaaays!
xoxoxo mama-bear


June 13, 2012

The Power of Words

I am a joyful person, I know this. If you know me.....you know this. I like this about me. I make no apologies for this trait of mine.

I surround myself with positive people. I am drawn to the dreamers and the believers.

This mindset has been super important to me, especially during this season of pregnancy. I was scared out of my mind when I read the + sign on the pregnancy test. Fear gripped me almost immediately and it's been a process for me ever since. At the same time.....I LOVE BABIES and have always dreamed of being a mom.

My nephew & I in 2009. Taken by my sister Melissa. 

My pregnancy has been nothing short of amazing. I mean, perfection! I couldn't have dreamt up a better 8 months for my life. This is quite different than what I had expected.....and I believe this is due to the media, movies and women who love to share their horror stories about their own pregnancies. Now, don't get all crazy on me.....I am a firm believer of the power of our stories, but I have experienced first-hand the "advice" that often gets thrown around and was never asked for or welcomed.

Did you know that fear releases over 1400 chemical responses to the body, and that non of them are good ones? Fear is actually the NUMBER ONE REASON FOR PAIN DURING CHILDBIRTH. This is the very reason I have stopped women [and men]...in mid-sentence when I sense a horror story coming on. Again, I respect everyone's life story....but someone elses past is not my future and I have made a conscience decision to guard my heart and mind in this sweet-sweet season of new life! [thank you Christa Black for this statistic and goldmine of information!]

Our words bring about life or death. It's simple. We are either negative or positive.....and I choose positivity. Life is just way too short to entertain any other way way of living. This goes for pregnancy and just life here on this earth in general....

I am 3 weeks away [give or take] from holding our very first baby in my arms. I still can't wrap my mind around this.....and I don't think it will even sink in until the moment I hear his cry, see his face and just squeeze him so tightly!! Oh....and maybe at that point we'll land on a name for him too!

Well, here's to my first segment of MOM MUSINGS.....I like this corner and hope you are encouraged by it as well.

xoxo, kelli

June 12, 2012

instagram weekly // VANESSA

Kelli & I are avid users of instagram [love it]! We thought collecting some of our favorite images from each of our weeks & posting here would be a great way to share more of our daily adventures w/ you. So ... expect to see more of our instagram life documented on the blog! x

*image source: by Vanessa Warren // iphone // processed with instagram & VSCO app

June 8, 2012


Stumbled upon an adorable Etsy shop, Little Hip Squeaks, that creates super cute hats, blankets, bibs, etc. I fell in love w/ Amy's modern style, the great colors & the quality of her work. As you can see, Stella's pink chevron hat & two burp cloths arrived in the mail today. I looooove! 
// Vanessa

June 4, 2012


May 9th, 2012 will forever be marked as a glorious day. The day life was brought into this world ... a day our baby Stella was born. I know as mother's we say this often but how incredible it is to be gifted such a treasure. What a privilege to be chosen to walk through life raising these little ones ... perfectly crafted & knit together in our wombs. It leaves me speechless.

Below are a few snapshots of the day the little miss arrived! Without a doubt, she is LOVED deeply & that love continues to grow stronger with each passing day. I'm busting at the seems with love!!! Love truly is the GREATEST GIFT. So many emotions, so much joy ... a glorious day indeed.

Meet our precious Stella Love Warren.

// xo Vanessa