July 9, 2012


EXCITING baby news ... Kelli & Reed became parents on July 6th! Baby Ezra Reed Trontel made his debut at 9:32am last Friday. Precious boy weighed 8.9 pounds, 21.4 inches & has a full head of hair!

It wasn't but a couple of months ago that Kelli was announcing the arrival of Stella & now she's a mama herself! SO excited & proud of her!!! We all know more amazing photos of baby await us, so until then, let's congratulate the Trontel's & welcome EZRA REED!


  1. yay!!!! not to brag or anything... but i did get to see the little guy in person:) and i can say.... oh my! what a living doll!! so excited to watch Reed and Kelli grow and flourish as parents, no doubt they'll be GREAT!

  2. um, you are totally bragging, but you should!!! :) so awesome ... indeed they will be incredible parents! xo
    // Vanessa