October 30, 2013

My Everyday / Creator Series featuring ... Melanie Knight Of Starry Knight Design

[#1.] When did you launch "Stary Knight Design" and what prompted you to start your own business?
In 2008, I started making soft soled leather baby and toddler shoes as a way that I could be home with my boys(then 2 years and newborn) and still have a small income. We had just gone through some financial upheaval and wanted to simplify our lives by being more independent and self employed. Now five and half years later, it is our only income and has grown exponentially! I now have 50+ designs in many styles and colors in sizes newborn to kids. It has given us the freedom to live up in the mountains and not have to be on someone else's schedule. Over the last few years, we have built our off grid homestead. We now have three boys-1,5,8 and are able to homeschool. I am so thankful for the life we have.

[#2.] What tool/marketing strategy has helped you the most in regards to getting your business noticed?
Etsy has been a great way for me to have a consistent year round income. I sell at markets in summer ,in the “off season” people can find me on Etsy as well. It has helped me be able to meet wholesalers and open accounts around the country.

[#3.] Share with us a few of your tips for balancing motherhood and business.
I do work a lot but it helps that my studio is in our home. The boys are always there with me doing drawing, schoolwork, playing on floor with baby, reading, napping in ergo. My husband is home most of the time as well, so the older boys can go outside and help him and play. Some days go really smooth and I get a ton of shoes made, other days I get way less done. Its nice to have the flexibility to work when you need to and play when you can. I try to take breaks whenever possible. 

[#4.] Divulge one of your dreams for your business.
One of my dreams for my business is to be able to continue on building and projects on our property. We have forty acres and lots ideas on what we want to do over the years on our land.  I also would love to travel more with my business! (either alone or with the family!)

[#5.]What advice do you have for moms who have a creative dream in their heart and desire to start their own business from home?
Start it now! It can take a long time to build a business, so start right away. It has just been in the last two years that Starry Knight Design has been our primary and only income. Even if you don’t have time to do much, at least get going on some ideas and start finding out what will sell.

[#6.]Share with us a peek of your working space.

[#7] Name three mompreneurs who inspire you. 
@digthischick owns and runs Geo handmade, blogs, runs, gardens.
@melodyjoy1983 owns Melody Joy Designs ,crafter, homeschooler, blogger.
@magbagmissoula owns Magbag, mommy of 3, great market friend.

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