February 25, 2014

My Everyday Featuring ... Latisha Carlson

[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
My story… Who I am today is only by God’s grace! My life is far from flawless. I am loved and misunderstand a lot.. sometimes more misunderstood. I am learning more and more that my identity has to be found in Jesus and Him alone, or that silly thing of “people pleasing" creeps in and I get caught up in everyone else's opinions and even my own of who I am… and in the end all that doesn’t even matter! Only JESUS matters. I fall on my face a lot but Jesus keeps showing me His kindness and He sometimes carries me and others He picks me up and dust me off.. I can keep going forward knowing He will finish the work He started. So through my weaknesses, I grow and by His grace I don’t remain the same! 

Rewind 10 years ago… there Matt and I stood. Friends had set us up and all Matt could do is drink water and stare. (I later found out that I was the pretties girl he had ever seen). We both tried avoiding that time, but all to say we have been married for 9 years. Yup, we met, I broke it off three times, got engaged and married all with in a yr! I see that Jesus used that time and the relationship between us to save me from a really ugly time. It was a rough start for sure, but gosh I don’t know where I would be if Jesus didn't have me marry this rad dude! Now I am wife to a man that lives this life in ways like no other. Seriously, he lives life in a way that changes people around him. He finds good in all things. I let emotion lead me, while He is there allowing Jesus to lead. I get really uptight when the house is a mess, while He is laying on the floor laughing with the kids, I frown when all I need to do is smile… I am learning more and more that I don’t live life to the fullest! But, Jesus is teaching me and using Matt to show me to “lighten up”!! Okay, but don’t get me wrong! I do laugh! I have learned to put the cleaning aside and lay on the floor.. its just harder for me then for him, it comes out more naturally! Something that I love and even hate at times… cause it just seems so easy to him. But all to say, being Matt’s wife is something that is a gift. I laugh more. He is always being funny or at least he thinks so.. haha.. no he really is funny! 
My home is something I love. My husband has finally embraced my craze over always changing our home. I sell and buy. I take old and make new. I rearrange often. I love home design! I love helping others design there homes. This last year I was able to help three friends change there whole house and I loved how excited they were. Mid Century steals my heart! I drool over it! I am inspired by it! So if I am not photographing or playing with the kids during the day, I am moving things around. I am posting on Instagram things to sell so I can buy “new “… meaning old mid century pieces! People tell me one day I need to have my house thrift store! 

Matt and I are a husband/wife wedding photography team! I started this business almost 5 yrs ago and now we have become a team. We love telling couples stories through our cameras. We are excited to keep at it. 

My journey to momma hood started out hard. My husband and I faced 3 miscarriages and one molar pregnancy before finding out we were going to have twins! That journey of loosing my babies was hard but Jesus was so good through that season. I went through a whirlwind of emotions for sure. When finding out we were going to be have twins, my heart was flooded with joy and excitement!! People always ask if I was shocked or if I was scared to have twins, and after my journey of loosing three, I had nothing but thankfulness and excitement for my twins!

Fast forward three years and I was delivering my baby boy, Greyson! Awe I am in love with this little guy! He turns two in April!  
The month of December was a journey! To our surprise my husband and I found out that we were going to have another baby! WOW. Shocked we were and then shortly after we had began to get really really excited, I then miscarried! So all in a month, the whirlwind of emotions was a bit nuts, as you could imagine. I personally really got excited. Momma instinct was kicking in and I was ready to for another sweet child, but then it happened, I miscarried yet again! It’s been confusing. Tears have been shed but we are good. For some reason Jesus gave and once again took away and I am once again thankful that my heart is trusting His choice for us in this. He wants the best for my family and I. So now we trust and look forward to the day we meet our four kids in Heaven!

Jesus gives and takes away… so many people struggle with “why would a good God take away”.. but by God’s grace that question never sunk deep in my heart. He knows what is best for me and my family. He knows what I need and when I need it. He knows my heart. So he took four but gave another three. I am thankful for each one, and I look forward to meet the four I have never even felt move in my tummy. 

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
Goodness my day is filled with laughter, big imaginations, Greyson trying to do things his big sisters are doing.. but when our day winds down, the kids jump in bed we have so many sweet times. Lots of tickling. Sweet prayers from my four years old girls. Sometimes I wonder if they are grasping who jesus is and why we talk so much about Him.. and when I hear them pray, my heart is humbled, my heart is encouraged. The prayers that are spoken from the twins teaches me to be more forgiving, more loving, and more intentional to teach them well… and Grey loves snuggles and kisses. During the day he climbs on my lap, grabs my face and makes boy noises and then in between gives me so many sweet kisses and hugs. Awe my heart melts! I love my kids. My world is so much sweeter with them!

[#3] Name Three Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
@jennielusko, @alainaguido, @saratrammel are three moms who popped in my head right away. They may be miles away from me. But Jennie leads a life full intention and boldness and I am so beyond encouraged by her, I don’t think she knows how much I admire who Jesus has created her to be. Alaina has been a friend of mine for 15 yrs and oh my, she is such a sweet friend who loves Jesus so much that causes others to want to love Jesus deeper. Sara, well she is just lovely. She brings so much joy into peoples lives. When we lived close, we spent much of our time laughing. She is faithful and creative. These three I love so much.

@katielivelyphoto She reminds me to laugh more. She loves Jesus so much. I find her constantly taking the time to play and enjoy her son and worry less about cleaning and errands, its good for me to have someone who helps me to remember to be more intentional with my kids!!

@tamararomero she is creative and constantly loving and teaching her two girls. She lives intentionally. She serves her family faithfully, always seeking the best for them.

@stacygarcia loves well. She sacrifices to serve her family faithfully. She brings much joy into peoples lives. I am thankful for her friendship. She understands what it looks like to endure suffering and still trust Jesus. I am encouraged by her faithfulness to Jesus.

@danihampton, @asctofriday, and @jodimockabee, @bluebirdkisses are all moms who just inspire me with there love for there family and there creativity! I don’t know them but I am sure inspired and encouraged by them! 

[#4] What challenges have you faced in balancing motherhood and your passion for creativity?
Gosh, I love my kids and I love photographing people… but I also have to edit my images to send out to my couples and clients, so I think by God’s grace I have found a balance. I know that I come home after sessions and all I wanna do is stick them on the computer and get to editing, but I try to keep my editing during nap times and I try to spread my sessions out so that I am still home laughing and caring to the needs of my kids. Wedding season is a little crazy but I just have to be intentional to stop my work and play, laugh, tickle, read the Bible, listen to my kids hearts, teach them how to love each other better. Stop saying “just a minute”, but rather stop what I am doing to listen to them. I have learned that I need to be intentional in whatever I am doing cause if you aren’t, you are not fulfilled and either are the people around you… your husband and kids! Jesus is intentional and I am called to be like Him, so by HIs grace I am intentional which brings Him more glory! But don’t get me wrong, I have days that cleaning or editing or my selfishness steals moments that I could have loved better… whether my kids, my husband or others. I am a work in progress! 

[#5] What is a family tradition that you love sharing with your kids?
This has been something my husband and I have been talking about. We are working to have traditions that are best for us. We decided that Christmas Eve, we would be generous to others. We want to teach our kids that being generous is important, its dying to self, and there is much joy in serving and giving to others. So thats one we started for the Christmas season. To be honest we have been doing a lot of talking and not enough action.. so we are making changes to bring in “Carlson Traditions”!! The goal is having tent and pizza night on Tuesdays. Snuggles at bedtime has been a daily tradition that I believe my kids will cherish always. So if you think of us, pray for us! Pray we begin traditions! We want to be more adventurous as family too!

[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?
Oh gosh… so many. Grey holding my face as he says “broom broom” and kisses me… and with this season, the snot is rubbed on me.. but those sweet kisses are worth it, snot and all. Or maybe the girls running to daddy when the front doors opens.. their arms open wide and yelling “DADDY”S HOME”.. with Greyson “da da”…
Or bath time.. I swear by kids would live in the bath if they could. Or morning snuggles, when we all pile up in mom and dads bed.

[#7] Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.

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